The first chapter explains what is digital marketing, the difference between digital marketing & internet marketing and the rise of digital marketing.


What is Digital Marketing?

Marketing Strategy, Funnel and Plan


The second chapter demonstrate to you how to set up a marketing strategy, funnel and plan.

Pros and Cons of 16 Popular Marketing Channels


The third chapter talks about the Pros and Cons of 16 popular marketing channels eg. the good and bad of SEOs.

What is in the eBook?

There is a lot of information online that teach the sales conversion methodology, such as how to increase conversions, how to increase clickthrough rate, etc. Not many discuss the “Why.” Why are we doing this? Why do we need to jump onto the latest social media band wagon. Is it necessary for your business? What digital marketing channels are available?

This ebook is about the Why. It is about understanding what digital marketing is, and the different marketing channels available, before using it to market your business.

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About the Author
Mei Ping is the founder of Joucads Communications. She obtained a BA(Hons) in Advertising Design in Lasalle College of the Arts and has 17 years of work experience in the Arts/Creative field. She started building websites since 1998 and in 2014, she got involved in affiliate marketing and started her journey in digital marketing. 

Mak Mei Ping
Founder, Joucads Communications

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