Joucads Communications provides end-to-end digital solutions for local and small business owners. We are Singapore #1 digital agency specialising in building a holistic website.

Being a digital agency in Singapore, our core services are web design & development, digital marketing and website maintenance while our secondary service is graphic design.

To help you maintain and gain new customers,  we create memorable offline and online marketing collateral for your business. (One-stop Solution)

We started out as a graphic and web design company in Singapore. But as the digital landscape evolve, we are armed with knowledge of digital marketing to drive traffic and generate leads for our client’s website. Slowly, we started to create all digital creatives and this is how Joucads Communications became a digital agency.

If you are a startups, micro-business, small and local business, we can help you achieve your business goals by generating organic traffic and leads online.

digital agency for local business


Joucads Communications aims to

  • provide a reliable and cost effective solutions for our clients
  • supporting our clients’ business through their growth and expansion
  • build a positive web environment



Joucads Communications wants to become the go-to digital agency for local business in Singapore. We hope to turn our business into a co-operative.



  • Integrity
    We believe that integrity and honesty is the way to create long-term business partnership. We are upfront on our costing and do what we say.
  • Reliability
    You can count on us to get the job done. No matter the obstacle, we are guided by the principle to complete the job no matter what.
  • Humility
    There is no one person who knows it all. We are open to ideas and suggestions from each individual.
  • Teamwork
    No one is an island. We all need help from one another. As the saying goes, if you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.


Mei Ping is the founder of Joucads Communications. She obtained a BA(Hons) in Advertising Design in Lasalle College of the Arts and has 17 years of work experience in the Arts/Creative field. She started building websites since 1998. As the internet landscape keep evolving, she picked up her digital marketing skills when she becomes an affiliate marketer in 2014.

Why Choose Us?


Our pricing structure are targeted to local and small business. We help our clients save on unnecessary costs.  Email us for a free quotation.


Why pay for a website that is not bringing you results? We can help you generate traffic and leads using our tested and proven methods.


Compressing all the critical components of a successful website, we build a website that is jam-packed with all the needed features without charging you an arm or a leg. A holistic website can help you understand your visitors and converts them into customers.

Are you interested in getting organic traffic and leads online?

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In this free 1 hour consultation, you will learn about:

  • Whether your homepage is optimized for your target customers
  • What to look out for when setting up your website
  • How to make your website optimized for Google search engine
  • Concrete actions you can take to start growing your customer, completely free.
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