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We blog about everything and anything about Digital Marketing and Web Design & Development. From the latest advertising technologies to simple tips and tricks, we hope to share news and information to local business owners so that they are empower with the knowledge to market their business.

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SEO for small business in Singapore

You can attract new customers or leads by getting a first page ranking in Google through SEO, search engine optimisation.…

How to grow your business with an effective website?

With the coming of age of the digital revolution, it is now a requirement for businesses to establish its presence…

How can a traditional brick and mortar business remain relevant in the digital age?

Consumers buying habit are changing. More people are buying online and visits to brick and mortar store are becoming less…

What is a good eCommerce platform?

There is no "one-size-fits-all" option in choosing an eCommerce platform. Depending on your needs, each eCommerce platform has it's strengths…

Rise of Digital Marketing

To understand digital marketing, let's go back to the past and see how it started. It began with the increasing…

Pros and cons of top 5 marketing channels

This post describes 5 popular marketing channels. Choosing the right marketing channel is crucial. As the late media analyst Marshall…

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Joucads Communications is a small digital agency that aims to empower local business with cost-effective internet marketing services. Our methodologies are tried and tested with a proven success rate. Let's discuss how we can help you achieve your business aim.