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Belgaufra Singapore is a F&B outlet that sells belgian liège waffle. We are tasked to create a consistent branding from their brick and mortar store to their online store. We also uses O2O strategies to direct online customers to their offline store.

Creating a consistency branding from offline to online. 


As this is a new F&B setup in Singapore, we have no idea how consumers perceive this brand. 


Phase 1: Setting up a suitable branding

A market research is done before deciding on which direction to take for the Belgaufra brand. We took to the street and interviewed 50 people with 3 different design styles. From chatting with them, we understand the demand for the product and how they see the 3 design styles presented. Based on the survey, we picked the design with the most votes. We also understand what type of information the consumer wants to know when they view the marketing collaterals.

Phase 2: Website and storefront development

With a clear direction of Belgaufra branding, the marketing collaterals are populated with a consistent design style. The website and storefront are then synchronised to evoke the same feel.

As we understand that the target audience are mostly young people and children, the website design, copywriting and message were targeted towards this crowd. We integrated facebook’s reviews into the website and showed pictures of customers’ enjoying our waffles to build street credibilty. Also to further entice customers to our waffles, we showed how our waffles can be combined with other food and syrups.

Phase 3: Generating Organic Traffic to the website

After setting up the website, we use Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) to generate organic traffic. The main keywords: “Belgian Waffle Singapore”, "Liege Waffle Singapore" and “Buy waffle” were rank in the first page of Google Singapore.


Overall, the branding exercise and website had attracted many customers and directed them to the retail store. With a consistent branding, consumers can identify and differentiate Belgaufra from other competitors.

72% Traffic from Search Engine Referrals

Rank First Page for 3 major keywords

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