Coolcity Aircon Service

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Coolcity Aircon Service is a local business with 18+ years experience. They have services for both residential and commerical. We are tasked to create a website, facebook page and Google Adwords campaign.

Click Through Rate of 9% resulting in new sales


To generate leads and sales online via website, facebook and Google Adwords campaign.


We create a 5 page mini website to showcase Coolcity's skills and experience. Using videos and images to demonstrate to visitors that Coolcity is an experienced and reliable aircon service provider. We also create a facebook page to generate awareness for the brand. Because of the stiff competition in aircon service industry, we uses out-of-the-box tactics to generate more leads at an average CPC of $0.87 as compared to top page bidding range of $3.42 .


We achieved our KPI of 300 Facebook likes and 2 reviews. One of our highest ROI (return on investment) for Google Adwords campaign is 268%.

Reached KPI 300 Facebook Likes and 2 Reviews

ROI of 268% on Google Adwords Campaign

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