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Juneberries Haven is a wellness boutique located in Thomson Plaza. They are a franchise operator as well as a retailer for organic skincare and health supplements. We are tasked with creating a corporate website with on-page and off-page SEO, ecommerce store with ecommerce SEO , blog and enewsletter.

Rank first page on Google for keyword "hungary royal water"


To generate sales for ecommerce store and offline store.


Short Term Approach

As getting a keyword to rank in Google takes about 3-6 months time, thus, we deployed a short and long term strategy to generate sales for the ecommerce store. We advise the owner to adopt a multi-channel approach. Juneberries Haven listed their products into other successful ecommerce platform and make their sales from there. The ecommerce store are also being introduce to customer when they are in the offline retail store.

Long Term Approach

With a SEO strategy, we helped Juneberries Haven ranked 1st page in Google for 10+ product keywords. This in turn leads to sale as consumer searched in Google, directed to ecommerce site and make a purchase. This becomes more cost effective as the traffic are organic and ranking for more products are built overtime.

Online to offline strategies are also implemented for Juneberries Haven. Customers will search for a product online and come to the brick and mortar store to look at the product and make a purchase.

Rank First Page in Google for 10+ consumer product keywords

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