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Lefong Building Services is a waterproofing specialist in Singapore. Initially, they engage us to manage their Google Adwords Campaign but to remain cost-effective, we are tasked to optimise their website for better conversions and implement SEO on their website.

Google Adwords Campaign - Leads Generation and A/B Testing 


Improve leads conversion and reduce cost for Google Adwords Campaign and improve ranking in Google search.


Google Adwords Campaign

We change the ads wordings and add in extensions to drive more CTR. The keywords are reduced so that more budget are concentrated on major keywords. A/B Testing is done to get more conversions from the Adwords Campaign.

Conversion Optimisation and SEO implementation in Website

We change the usability and improve the information architect of the website. For the SEO part, we research on high traffic keywords and implement it across the website. To bolster the content, specific methodology of the waterproofing techniques are written to prove Lefong's skills and credibility.


We generate an increased 15% of calls and leads after improving the Google Adwords Campaign. Rank first page in Google for 5 major keywords - "waterproofing specialist", "waterproofing specialist singapore", "waterproofing contractor", "waterproofing contractor singapore" and "waterproofing singapore".

6.94% CTR for Google Adwords Campaign

Rank First Page on Google for 5 Major Keywords

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