Rise of Digital Marketing

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To understand digital marketing, let’s go back to the past and see how it started.

It began with the increasing use of the internet in the 1990s. This became opportunities for businesses to advertise and market their products and services directly to consumers through the web.

On October 27, 1994, HotWired invented the web banner ad. (SINGEL, R.(2010, October 27). (Source). This was followed by Google starting its AdWords platform in October 2000 with 350 customers. (Source)

Traditional marketing soon gave way to digital marketing because it is more cost-effective and more targeted, with a wider reach if the right marketing channel is chosen.

Digital marketing is still a new era for businesses and marketers. The growth for digital marketing is enormous, with total media ad spending increasing by 5 to 7 percent globally, according to eMarketer. (Source) The rules of the game are being written as we move along.

Businesses are moving onto this digital band wagon and had taken notice of the way transactions are made.


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Mei Ping is the SEO Specialist of Joucads Communications. She obtained a BA(Hons) in Advertising Design in Lasalle College of the Arts and has 17 years of work experience in the Arts/Creative field. She started building websites since 1998. As the internet landscape keep evolving, she picked up her digital marketing skills when she becomes an affiliate marketer in 2014.

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