We developed an in-depth understanding of our client's business and their customers. With this understanding, our relationship with our clients is based on a comradeship built over the years.
“We have been engaging Mei Ping for our website, graphic designs and adverts. She always goes beyond what is required and is prompt in her delivery. Her patience, creativity, good advice and quality service never fails to impress us. Thank you, Mei Ping!”
Huzzy A R
Marketing Director
“Mei Ping is the designer and developer of my e-commerce website and is also responsible for its maintenance. She is very resourceful and is always able to deliver promptly.”
June Lin
Joucads consultant have excellent knowledge & advertising visions. She have provided excellent service for our advertising needs."
Kam Fai Lee
Marketing Manager
Mei Ping is very conscious and knowledgeable in digital space and she is able to appreciate, understand and roll out solutions based on my digital needs from the business perspective.
Samuel Yeo